Banjo-Kazooie - Nuts And Bolts

We all know the story about Rare at this point. Microsoft bought it out, and all of a sudden, the magic from its days with Nintendo just went *poof* and vanished into thin air. Despite most of the personnel leaving and the heavy focus on Kinect these days, fans are still holding out for Rare to pull off a miracle and bring us back to the good old days once again.

When asked about the plans for Rare in 2015 on Twitter, Composer Robin Beanland replied that 2015 is going to be "a HUGE year" for the studio, and he dropped a cryptic photo of random music notes as a hint.

Of course, the music notes can mean anything, but posters at NeoGAF have concluded that this was a hint towards a new Banj0-Kazooie game. Of course, you can collect music notes in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, but is that enough to make a firm guess at a sequel?

Maybe. Fans have also pointed out to other cryptic hints over throughout 2014 dropped by the company hinting as such. In June, Beanland posted more images of a broken banjo and the same banjo fixed a few days later. Another Rare developer posted a Morse Code message on the forum, and fans were happy to realize that it translated into "B-K E3 15."

Can we expect a new Banjo-Kazooie at E3 this year? Rare's not-so-subtle hints seem to suggest so. We'll just have to wait and see. Now, the big question is would you rather see Banjo-Threeie or Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 2?