In case you missed the news, Minecraft is finally coming to the Wii U. In case you missed the other news, Microsoft bought Mojang and Minecraft for a whole lot of money. Microsoft owns Minecraft, and now Nintendo fans are seeing this third party publishing effort on the Wii U as a sign that the maker of the Xbox One is willing to release more of their games on Nintendo’s console.

What games are they asking for? I’ve seen a lot of the Rare Replay being requested, specifically. Here’s the thing… Rare Replay is a collection of games, a large portion of which are XBLA games running on the Xbox One. That’s a whole lot of hurdling to do to bring the single collection to the Wii U.

I feel like you can almost sense the sigh from the Microsoft PR member running the Microsoft Studios Twitter account here with this tweet to the world at large.

“… so stop asking, gosh.”

Microsoft’s foray onto the Wii U starts and stops with Minecraft.