Perfect Dark

As Rare approaches the release of its 30 game collection called Rare Replay for the Xbox One, the company's Creative Director, Gregg Mayles, has been taking a trip down memory lane.

One stop on that route was Velvet Dark. Mayles tweeted out a shot of the Design Document for the game done up way back in the year 2000. Here's the tweet in question.

As Mayles so clearly indiciates, Velvet Dark was aa "sister" title to Perfect Dark.

The lead character in Perfect Dark is Joanna Dark, as seen in the screenshot at the head of this post. Perhaps Velvet Dark would have literally been a tale about her sister. More than likely, the world will never know.

Still, this is a pretty neat little piece of one game company's history. Hopefully the Rare Replay collection that drops next week will be the start of another great journey into the studio's past.