Apple 1

An old photograph from the early days of Apple has emerged on the Internet giving a look into the what the company's first "warehouse" looked like.

According to The Daily Mail, this photo was allegedly taken in 1976 by Steve Jobs. It shows off his and Steve Wozniak's first 50 computers piled in cardboard boxes in a bedroom that is believed to be Steve Jobs' during the company's humble beginnings in his parents' house.

The photo was revealed with one one of the eleven remaining Apple 1 computers, which has gone on auction for £500,000 ($800,000). The Apple 1 is labeled "'world's best Apple 1 computer" and is number 46 of the original series. It is being sold by a computer enthusiast who claims it is still fully functional after 30 years.

It's a fascinating look into a company that would eventually become the most valuable in the world (momentarily). One can only hope for more images like these as the legend of Apple's beginnings become more and more public with each photo.