ffii_cartridgeGaming historians and fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are aware of the fact that the original version of Final Fantasy II was never released in the U.S. However, there does exist a Final Fantasy II cartridge put together by Square Soft USA (now Square Enix) that was intended for show at the 1991 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) in Las Vegas, and though the title never made it to retail, the pre-production cart still remains and is available on Ebay…for $50,000.

According to the seller, who Kotaku has identified as Frank Cifaldi, a videogame historian and journalist, “this is the only legitimate copy of the game that exists.” All other copies that exist in the wild are bootlegs, making this a one-of-a-kind collectible for someone with deep pockets.

How deep? Cifaldi told Kotaku his $50,000 Buy-It-Now price isn’t necessarily firm, hence why he’s willing to listen to offers on Ebay. So far there have been 95 offers, 82 of which have been declined and the remaining 13 listed as “pending.”

Whoever ends up with the title is ensured that “the entire game is playable, in English, from beginning to end,” the auction states. Even if you’re not interested in bidding — and at $50,000 or thereabouts, we suspect that’s the majority — the auction is worth checking out for the Q&A section alone. As you can imagine, Cifaldi has received a fair number of inquiries and comments about his asking price and that fact that he’s charging $10.40 for shipping. One posted asked, “You must be rich yes?” His response:

“Embarrassingly so. I like to play this game where I crumple $100 bills into little balls, light them on fire, and see if I can toss them into a Ming vase. Usually the hole is too small so I have to bang it against one of my solid gold countertops to open it up more.”

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