Even though Nintendo’s much-anticipated streaming event is still later tonight, we have a pretty decent idea of what games we’re going to see. Nintendo’s usual suspects are due to show up, and a few extras on top means we’ll have a great show.

Based on the rumors and speculation alone, here’s what I’m most excited to see tonight during the Nintendo Switch presentation. For the sake of completion, I’ll include games that I’m already sure will be there as well.

Super Mario Switch (predicted title)


Yup, my main man is still on top of the list. You can roll out The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and even Final Fantasy (well, maybe not Final Fantasy), and Super Mario always will be my most anticipated game on any new Nintendo console.

The brief bit we saw in Nintendo’s teaser trailer already has me stoked with its gorgeous graphics and return to a fully 3D environment. Those who thought the Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D games were a little distant and linear will feel right back at home in this game. Hopefully, it opens up the world and brings back the exploration days of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

And if indeed the game is called Super Mario Switch (because that’s just so obvious and catchy), I hope Nintendo came up with a new “switch” mechanic that does… something. Anything. Just as long as there are switches to flip!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We’ve analyzed this game to Death Mountain and back, so there’s not really much left to see. This is the biggest and most ambitious Legend of Zelda game since The Wind Waker, and I have a feeling it will leave the previous two behind in the fairy dust. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks nothing short of phenomenal, and all there is left to know if the launch date.

That alone puts it at the number 2 spot on this list. Will we be seeing this game at launch or later in the summer?

Dragon Quest XI

Come on. Who’s writing this list? What did you expect? Whereas Final Fantasy XV did a fabulous job rewriting the rules of the JRPG for a modern generation, Dragon Quest XI will be the great leap forward for more traditional JRPGs. Square Enix, Armor Project, and all parties involved have a brilliant game on their hands here, and there are two questions that should be answered tomorrow.

  1. Will the Nintendo Switch version be a port of the PlayStation 4 version? Or will it be its own unique adventure similar to to the Nintendo 3DS’?
  2. Naturally, will the game be coming to North America? This game will be at the show because it is intended for Japan, but because it is airing around the world, perhaps Square Enix will cut us a break and just go ahead and announce a localization.

We’ll see, but either way, there is no way I would ever skip on this game.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

I am a huge fan of Ubisoft’s 6th generation cult-classic, and I’ve been dying to play a sequel for over a decade. Jade’s exploding aura and the cliffhanger fate of her adoptive pig father Peyj remain two of gaming’s biggest unanswered questions.

This game is rumored to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch for a year, meaning the sooner you buy a Switch, the faster you’ll have all the answers.

Pikmin 4

Miyamoto Pikmin GIF

Nintendo’s once budding series is now a full-fledged franchise with spin-offs, sequels, and a full legacy of its own. Pikmin 3 was on the Wii U early in its life and survived the entire console as one of its best titles. Pikmin 4 needs to capitalize on this upward motion, and four generations in a row of quality games will truly put it among Nintendo’s stars.

Is it strange that Pikmin has become more prolific than Metroid at this point?

Pokémon Stars

In the history of Pokémon, I’ve always bought in early and ignored the following “mid-generation” games or whatever the terminology is. Emerald, Platinum, Crystal: never touched any of them.

This generation, I’m flipping Pokémon on its head and am buying in late, and I’m glad I am. This new version will boost the graphical fidelity to full HD, a first for the main Pokémon series, and I’ll still be able to play it anywhere I go. The Nintendo Switch’s portability is more important here than with any other franchise, and if Nintendo can get it to work, this will be a show stopper.

Monster Hunter

Or at least, Pokémon is still the big dog on a worldwide scale. In Japan, the series has faced steepening competition over the last decade or so from a few upstarts, Capcom’s Monster Hunter being one of them. With each passing release, the series only gets bigger, even in North America where fans are far more confident in Capcom’s ability to localize it than the Dragon Quest crowd.

Open world, HD action-RPG that can be played with friends and taken anywhere is a huge plus for the Nintendo Switch. Look for Capcom to strike it huge with this game.


On the leak from GameStop Germany, there is a reference to a game just called “Sonic.” We’re not quite sure what this is, whether it is the fabulous 16-bit throwback Sonic Mania or and exclusive Nintendo Switch title we haven’t seen yet. I’m hoping it’s a simple port of the former because that would look great next to my digital Virtual Console shelf, but whatever.

Sonic looks to have a good year because all of his current projects look like winners, including…

Project Sonic 2017

Sonic the Hedgehog

Another one that popped up on the same list, this Sonic game is also promising in that it shows SEGA is listening to the fans. The fans love the 16-bit era, and they love Sonic GenerationsSonic Mania throws back to the SEGA Genesis era in all the right ways, and Project Sonic 2017 is essentially a sequel to Sonic Generations. These two releases might be safe, but we’re fine with Sonic not taking too many risks these days.

We’ve seen how that can go south.

Splatoon/Mario Kart 8/Super Smash Bros.

I’m fine with a few Wii U ports to kick off the new generation as well, especially if it’s these three rumored ones. Splatoon has been rumored to be pre-installed as a pack in, and since I’ve yet to actually play Splatoon, this would be the easiest chance I get.

Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. are also excellent regardless of how and where you play. Just don’t be surprised if I prioritize Melee over the most recent one.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Another port of an older game, this is one I just want to see run. If the Nintendo Switch can handle a game with the scale and scope of Skyrim, then it should have a bright future ahead of it. If it can’t or the batteries won’t handle it when taken portably, then what’s the point?

Stardew Valley

You mean I can take my farm with me wherever I go? Yes, please!

Seasons of Heaven


After last’ year’s I Am Setsuna, I’ll play anything with the words “Square Enix” and “original franchise” in the description. This one takes it a step further by being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, so you can’t play it anywhere else.

LEGO City Undercover/Just Dance/NBA/Rime/the rest

There’s plenty to go around for whatever floats your boat. Basketball, LEGO, indie games that look like ICO, dancing. Hopefully, Nintendo is able to get the message across that the Nintendo Switch could be for everyone no matter what kind of games you play.