Land Rover on Wednesday unveiled the 2018 Range Rover Velar, the fourth member of the company’s SUV line-up. It fills a segment between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. The company claims it is “refined for every occasion, for every terrain” meaning it is a luxury SUV, built for safety, performance, and tons of great technology, including laser headlights.

The Velar is engineered on a new light, stiff, aluminum body, making the car light, though sturdy. According the Range Rover, the Velar has been stripped to be clean and elegant, including flush door handles and the LED clusters of the front and back of the car. The 5-seater vehicle also includes Hotspot connectivity, Matrix-laser LED lights and a rocking audio system. Those Matrix-laser LED lights can increase the reach of its beams up to 550 meters (over 600 yards).

Inside, the dash features two 10-inch high-definition touchscreen displays in addition to a 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

The Velar is designed for just about any terrain. It intelligently manages torque based on terrain conditions and can even wade through to 650 mm of water, which looks like right up to around the side mirrors of the Velar. The SUV can clear up to 251 mm of ground clearance on the highest air suspension setting which should be able to clear small bumps along the way. Depending on your driving taste and needs the Velar comes in 6 engine configurations, including diesel options, of course.

What’s with the name: Velar?

Range Rover says Velar is derived from the Latin ‘velare’ meaning to cover or veil.  Velar is a nod to the original pre-production Range Rovers from the 1960s, which were code named Velar.

The Velar will be available this Summer and will start at £44,830 or $49,900 USD. So you have a few months to start saving up your pennies for this beauty.