Hello everyone! I'm Ralph Theodory and now I get to introduce myself to the same amazing audience I've been a part of for a very long time.

I come from Aleppo Syria, Yeah, the city you probably heard about on the news, and growing up there with a maximum internet speed of 1 Mbit/s was brutal, especially when you're a passionate tech enthusiast.

Around 2012, I stumbled upon those "flying transparent iPhone with holographic display" concepts that inspired me to make my own concept and try to take a more realistic approach.

As war broke in my city, I started making iPhone models and iOS concepts despite the lack of internet and electricity, somehow, the irregular 2-hour power per day schedule was enough for me to work on my videos yet it always had its drawbacks, for instance, I once had to render a video in low quality because a higher quality would take more than two hours on my old PC, and this went on to give me enough patience and experience to work on my first big concept project (iOS9 Concept 1) in 2014 that reached around 1M views.

Later that year, I moved to Germany to study Information Engineering where I made further iOS concepts that were featured here on TechnoBuffalo! I also worked on a wireless charging tech for drones, developed an algorithm to detect smart devices in areas of natural disasters to help rescue teams find victims and directed the first 360 short film in Syria called Aleppo Between Two Lungs.

Moreover, in 2016, I went on a journey to try different smartphones using a german trading app, as I cycled through 12 different smartphones in one year which helped me develop better opinions regarding certain devices, I also learned that you cannot use a Lumia 950 as a daily driver.

I'm really excited to be joining the TechnoBuffalo team, hopefully, you find my content unique and interesting to read, and I'm looking forward your constant feedback to guide me through this new experience!

You always check me out on Twitter: @Theodoryfollow and Instagram: @Rtheodory.