Rainway is a piece of software being made by the same small team behind an essential Steam utility called Borderless Gaming. What’s Rainway’s deal? It will let PC gamers with a DirectX 11 capable machine stream their games to their tablet, phone, Xbox One and, apparently, Nintendo Switch.

“Play your favorite games on any device,” the site reads.

Leverage the power of your PC

Enjoy Civilization VI from the comfort of your couch with a tablet, play Stardew Valley on the go from your phone or just enjoy your favorite PC games on macOS and Linux all at 60FPS.

No additional hardware required

Any GPU that supports DirectX 11 can take advantange of the Rainway MSG protocol.

Pain-free setup

Rainway handles configuring your network and securing your connection so the only thing you have to worry about is playing your games.

What’s this about the Nintendo Switch, though?

There isn’t any explicit mention of the Nintendo Switch availability on the site, aside from the fact that it falls under the “any device” generality. However, one of the developers sounded off in a thread about game streaming on the PC subreddit. They said they were working on Rainway and that it would be on the Nintendo Switch (along with those other platforms) when one Redditor asked “Is Nintendo on board with this idea or will users have to find workarounds?”

The answer? “It will be available on the eShop.”

Which is really, really hard to imagine given Nintendo’s track record and their take on software like this. If it does actually launch, we’ll let you know.