Rainbow Six Siege has been a long time coming. The game is a successor to Rainbow 6: Patriots, which was never actually released, so fans of the series have been holding on since 2008. Well, after trying out the new game, I think it’s possible Siege was worth the wait.

To be fair, I only demoed one TerroHunt mission, experiencing just one mode of what the game has to offer. As a team of five we were tasked with breaking into a building to diffuse two bombs. The map was full of computer-controlled terrorists to kill and booby traps to evade.

The mission was also available in either Normal mode, which we easily beat every time, or Realistic mode, which was nearly impossible. I’ll get into that more in a bit, but first here’s some general details on the game.

Despite playing the same mission over a dozen times, it always felt fresh. Choosing different characters is one way to spice things up. My favorite was Sledge, who carries a sledgehammer for breaking down barriers along with a shotgun or an automatic rifle. Montagne carries a massive shield, making him an invaluable teammate to have, though picking him means restricting yourself to just a pistol.

The placement of enemies and obstacles also changes every time. That means rappelling in from the roof might work once, while the basement could be a better entry point the next time. Thankfully you can send in a roving drone first to scout out the situation before you barrel in.

Once you do breach the building, though, all bets are off. Enemies will start to spawn outside while chaos takes over inside. The game’s focus on destructible environments and small interior spaces means things can get pretty crazy. Sometimes it’s too much to handle, but most of the time it’s just fun.

Cranking things up to Realistic mode changed everything. The premise was the same, but all of a sudden we were also facing suicide bombers and C4 explosives that could take you out in one hit. We’d often spend the first few minutes scouting out the map with our drones, though that ate into the 10 minute time limit imposed in Realistic. Like I said, we never succeeded, but the adrenaline was addicting.

I wish I could have tried Hard mode, which includes bombers and C4 without the time limit, but that wasn’t an option. It sounds like the perfect compromise between too easy and insanely difficult, though I’ll have to wait until the game comes out in October to find out.

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