Ubisoft is scaling back on the Rainbow Six series. No more inspiring titles like Rainbow Six: Patriots. No longer will the series be featuring squads of super soldiers stopping nuclear threats and wayward terrorists, but rather, just saving people from badguys in their homes.

Rainbow Six: Siege takes place in suburbia, and takes place right in your own neighborhood or maybe even in your own residence, the last place anybody would store a nuke, maybe.

Gameplay footage provided gives a quick glimpse into a few of the important mechanics. Each stage will be a smaller structure with multiple entrances and exits, and the Rainbow Six squad will be tasked with breaching, clearing, and rescuing. Walls are totally destructible, meaning bullets do not fear the presence of wood. Doors and windows can also be barricaded to keep unwanted guest out, or maybe even in.

Riot shields, breaching kit, and mobile drones. All high tech gadgets used by your friendly neighborhood SWAT teams, not America's finest soldiers. Neat stuff.

Just, whenever you play the game, please don't talk like these actors. Try your best to sound like a normal person, please. Thank you.

So, no more Rainbow Six: Patriots. It has been re-titled into Rainbow Six: Siege, and it will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. No release date yet.