The return of Ubisoft's popular Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise has fans of the tactical shooter genre excited, but we still have yet to hear of an official release date. Development is still ongoing, but if you want to take an early stab at the game, you can try your best to get into a recently announced closed alpha test.

Ubisoft has listed three simple requirements to follow in order to throw your hat into the pile.

• You can sign up now to participate through You will need a Uplay account.

• This testing period will be PC-only and limited to North America and Europe. Check the FAQ for a full list of eligible countries.

• This testing period will be multiplayer-only.

Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six: Siege will bring back the same style of co-operative tactical shooting, but it will do so with SWAT teams and riot gear. Some fans are sure to miss the super soldier, anti-terrorist storylines, but that old news comes from the world of ten years ago. Siege, along with Battlefield: Hardline, is just following the mindset of the public, which has changed its focus of fear to that of police militarization.

At any rate, if you like the gameplay of the older games, you'll probably enjoy this.

Rainbow Six: Siege launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015.