Having fun playing the beta test for Rainbow Six Siege? Good for you! You get an extra weekend out of it! Ubisoft has just announced that its beta test has been extended to Oct. 4.

Ubisoft claims that server issues kept a lot of participants from playing the game, and the extension is the result of those complications, marking the second extension due to technical issues. The test was originally supposed to end on Sept. 28, and the first delay was supposed to bring it to an end today on Oct. 1. Not anymore.

Today, Oct. 1, will also both be a double XP day and the final day for the beta’s registration. Be sure to slip in while you still can. Ubisoft obviously has no problem with the extension, claiming the more data it gets before release, the better.

“Not only will this give you all more time play, it will give us more time to collect more data, feedback, and identify potential issues.”

Always look on the bright side! Ubisoft has to make sure the multiplayer works, because the game has been stripped of an offline campaign. A broken multiplayer would make the entire package useless.

Rainbow Six Siege will launch on Dec. 1 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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