Sony announced the development of a new property under the simple working title Rain.

The trailer above depicts an invisible boy navigating a rain-soaked environment, with the rain and puddles as the only way of identifying him. Sony had very little to say about the game, but the Japanese text reads something like this:

What the boy saw when he opened his eyes was the invisible girl.

Then, they lost their way in the mysterious world.

In that town, the boy also lost his form, and only the rain could reveal his outline.

The rain reflects the story of that invisible world.

(Disclaimer: This was translated with some help from a friend and should be relatively accurate, but may not be perfect.)

That helps add a little context to the trailer; the story is about an invisible boy chasing an invisible girl. From the trailer it seems she may be chased or accompanied by something else, too.

The background music, Debussy's "Claire de Lune," gives the trailer a somber feel; thatgamecompany's Flower comes to mind as a game where emotion was a strong aspect of the experience, and the minimalist style of the trailer and gameplay suggests something similar.

During Sony's Gamescom presentation, Kotaku's Stephen Totilo tweeted, "How many minutes has it been since the ongoing Sony Gamescom press conference featured a gun firing?" Rain is part of that new batch of games. Sony hasn't revealed whether the game will be download or retail as far as we're aware, but it looks like it would make a great downloadable game that would fit into Sony's smaller but higher quality library of downloadable titles.