We get it, Sony! The rain is lonely and beautiful, and we don't need sad piano music to tell us that! Yet here is one more trailer reminding us how sad its most recent PlayStation Network offering, Rain, is going to be. Luckily it will be the last one because the game is finally releasing today!

Japan Studio and PlayStation C.A.M.P. have been keeping secrets all this time from those eagerly awaiting on what kind of game Rain might be. This trailer shows the first bit of gameplay available since the game's announcement, and the young ghostly couple spend far more time on the run from other larger feral ghosts than they do sitting and feeling sorry for themselves.

Being dead doesn't especially mean you are safe. In this world, once you die, your horrors are only just beginning. Giant phantasms will give chase and crush you for your ectoplasm, but luckily they can be stopped by merely shutting a gate. What kind of ghosts are these anyway?

Expect lots of platforming and cooperating with the AI in this upcoming game, which promises just as many thrills as it does slow somber moments. Looks a lot like ICO and Tokyo Jungle, with a dash of Fatal Frame to boot.

Sony brought Rain to Tokyo Game Show this year, but only brought one screen along to play it. I don't think they anticipated such a positive response because the wait even trumped that of Dark Souls II for much of the show. I wanted to play it, but didn't get a chance. Expect my thoughts by the end of the week.

Rain will be available today exclusively for the PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation Store updates.