radioshack-no-contract-wireless-smartphone-plansRadioShack will allegedly offer two smartphone monthly rate plans when it introduces its No Contract Wireless network early next month. According to newly leaked documents acquired by Engadget, the Cricket-based service will offer one plan starting at $50, with the next option set at $60/month.

The $50 plan will give users unlimited minutes, messaging, and 1GB of “full speed 3G data” before throttling. If for some reason you’re completely inept at using Yelp or searching Google, you can call 411 assistance for $1.50 a call, while international messaging will run you 20 cents per message.

The next option up, just $60, will offer unlimited minutes, messaging, visual voicemail and come with 2.5GB of data. In addition, the more expensive plan will include mobile hotspot support, and even give users unlimited 411 assistance. How can you resist that?

RadioShack will also offer up some pretty cheap “feature” phone plans, which you can see the details of below. Feature devices are typically aimed at folks who don’t need the bells and whistles — 1x mobile Web (not full-speed 3G) — so the prices and stipulations are clearly aimed at that crowd.

We’re still about a week from the network’s announcement, but it looks like all of its dirty secrets are being hung up for the world to see. The interesting part will be to see what device’s RadioShack offers once the contract-free service goes live.

[via Engadget]