Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Home Screen

RadioShack is offering a special to owners of the original Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note II if they are buying the new AT&T or Sprint Galaxy Note 3, starting on Friday, according to CNET. The electronics retailer will reportedly offer $175 off the purchase of the Galaxy Note 3 with a Galaxy Note II trade-in, and $100 off if you trade in an original Galaxy Note. AT&T's Note 3 will retail for $299 while Sprint's costs $50 more, so the option could be rather desirable.

The trade-in values aren't too shabby. We checked Amazon's trade-in program and found that it's offering about $150 for the AT&T Galaxy Note II and about $100 for an AT&T original Galaxy Note, which is on a par or inferior to what RadioShack is offering. Still, you'll likely fetch more money if you're willing to sit it out and post your used device on eBay or sell it through Craigslist.

Sprint's Galaxy Note 3 officially goes on sale this Friday, while AT&T's should begin shipping on Oct. 1.