There are plenty of ways to make quick cash on your old iPad, including a sweet trade-in offer through RadioShack. The electronics retailer on Friday took a moment to let folks know it will accept older iPad models for cash or store credit; values can climb as high as $225, and can immediately be put toward Apple's new iPad Air.

The iPad 2, which Apple is hilariously offering for $399, will get you about $125, while the iPad 3 and iPad 4 will get you $175 and $225, respectively. The non-Retina iPad mini will get a customer about $150.

The news comes via CNET, though it's not made clear which specific models and specs will get the amounts mentioned above. Through services such as Gazelle, you can get up to $260 for an iPad 4 16GB Wi-Fi; the prices mentioned above are likely for the entry models without data capabilities. There is apparently plenty of iPad Air models to go around, so if you're looking to trade up, RadioShack is one option.