ATRIX DockRadio Shack has priced he Motorola ATRIX at $149, taking out the hassle of doing the mail-in rebate.

The Motorola ATRIX, one of the most talked about devices at CES this year, is finally getting ready to launch, but there has been some concern over the pricing. AT&T had previously announced it would sell the handset for $199, or bundled with the laptop dock, the stand-out feature of this phone, for $499.

Radio Shack, which has been trying to reposition itself as a one-stop shop for cell phone options, announced via its Facebook page that it will retail the handset for $149, allowing customers to skip over the mail-in rebate portion of the equation which is endlessly annoying for consumers.  If you bundle in the laptop dock, you can purchase it for $329.99, but will require you purchase a Data Pro 4GB personal with tethering plan to get full browser use.

This will bring your total to $478.99, or about $20 less than AT&T directly, and no mail-in rebate.

What say you?  More tempted by the Radio Shack ATRIX deal?

[via IntoMobile]