Radio Shack Trade-In and Save
Are you looking to pick up an iPhone 4S on AT&T or Verizon?  Have an old phone to trade-in?  Then you may want to head over to your nearest Radio Shack between October 14 and 31.

Beginning today you can head into your local Radio Shack to pre-order your iPhone 4S, and when you come back in to pick it up, bring an old phone with you to save some money off of that deal.  The current offer guarantees you $100 off your purchase of the iPhone 4S when you bring in any smartphone, but if you bring in an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS the number jumps up to $200.  Depending on what size of the iPhone 4S you are planning on going for, this could be a significant savings for you.  If you aren't handing your phone down to someone, and plan on just throwing it into a drawer to collect dust, there's no downside to this deal.

Will you be pre-ordering your iPhone 4S through Radio Shack?