It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman? Or at least a radio-controlled version of the man of steel.

This radio-controlled Superman was recorded flying over the beaches of Carlsbad, Calif. RC Superman is nearly life-size and comes complete with cape.

Kyle Gough, who recorded and posted the clip wrote:

I was cycling with my buddy down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and during our casual conversation … Superman flew by. We stopped, got off our bikes just in time to watch him land. After a quick battery change, I grabbed the only thing I had on me (my cell phone, sorry for the … quality) and took some video of what is EASILY the coolest custom RC plane I've ever seen.

No mention on where you could purchase one, how to make one, or if it is susceptible to the effects of Kryptonite.

I wonder if we can get a version of Jon R. made to fly around CES next week.