Atlus released the first trailer for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS remake Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology during its livestream event over the weekend, and the trailer shows where most of the resources went into upgrading this game. The gameplay and sprites remain mostly untouched, and instead, it’s the character art that has been given an overhaul that isn’t always for the better.

The anime cutscenes and new art style bring a hint of modern anime touch to them, sacrificing the original beautiful art with a style that is much easier on the eyes. The cutesy J-pop and bubbly voices aren’t exactly what I associate with the title either, but then, I’m reminded that a lot has changed in the pop-culture scene since the first game was released a decade ago.

See the trailer for yourself below.

Radiant Historia for the Senran Kagura generation

That’s a bit of an overstatement since none of the characters in this remake come close to Senran Kagura levels of absurdity. However, the candy-coated influence that anime has undergone over the last decade has clearly had an effect on the brains of those that are retooling this remake. Princess Eruca now looks like a “proper” princess with glistening long hair, and Stocke’s female sidekick Raynie has been given a bust-size upgrade to the point where her armor looks ready to pop from her body.

I wonder if it will have the same effect on her character that Lightning got when Square Enix boosted her cup size too.

Stocke’s time traveling has clearly set his biological clock in reverse as he has de-aged about ten years, and each character intro sounds like Atlus scored the voice cast of every generic handheld JRPG ever made. Oh…

I’m not trying to call Atlus out entirely here, but it clearly knows the demographic it is looking for with this remake. I’m not totally against it either since it could deliver the game to audiences who failed to play it the first time. However, those who are joining in the adventure for the first time should know… it wasn’t always like this.

If Atlus were to include the original art as an option, I’d buy in again. Otherwise, this art is now the standard in the “perfect” definitive edition.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 29.