Better late than never, I suppose. R-Type Dimensions was released for the Xbox 360 nearly five years ago, but developer Tozai Games is finally giving it a PlayStation 3 release on May 20. I wonder what took so long to get it done.

R-Type Dimensions is not an original game in the classic SHMUP series, but it is rather an HD compilation of the first two games, R-Type and R-Type 2. It succeeds where many other HD remakes fail as it allows immediate in and out transfer of the revamped graphics and the classic arcade sprites.

The first game's iconic Dobkeratops boss has never looked better. Look at that monster!


The original developer, Irem, tried to kill off the series with an ultimate interpretation of R-Type Final back on the PlayStation 2, but despite its wishes, new R-Type compilations or games still pop out every once in a while from a dedicated Japanese team. No original games in the traditional shooter vein have been developed since, but the series has taken on the guise of a tactics strategy style instead. Two games are available on the PSP.

The classic SHMUP games are naturally a lot better, and both of these original classics have aged flawlessly. They are just as much of a blast to play now as they were when they were cutting edge marvels. The modern day mob likes to brag about beating challenging games like Dark Souls 2, but wrap your brain around R-Type for a while to find out what true difficulty means. Dark Souls 2 was built to kill you, but always gives you a more than fair chance to learn, evolve, and press on.

R-Type was built to kill you immediately and take your real-world money in the process. Even though it doesn't anymore, the classic arcade game still kicks you while you're down. What a bully!