Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 QVC

The popular home shopping merchant QVC appears to have accidentally jumped the gun by launching — and quickly pulling — a brand new pre-order page for Samsung’s unreleased 8GB Wi-Fi only 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2.0. The Galaxy Tab 2.0 has yet to receive an official release date, but the most interesting part of this blunder is that QVC had the tablet priced at just $309.96 — not bad for an unsubsidized device. The post was pulled Monday morning, however, so we’re going on info from PhoneArena for now.

Samsung recently announced that the tablet’s release has been delayed in favor of releasing it with Ice Cream Sandwich, however, so we’re not so sure how soon it’s going to hit the market. Still, at least we have a good idea of what type of price point to expect.

[via: PhoneArena]