Kotaku's Stephen Totilo was lucky enough to land a four minute video of a single, unique level from Airtight Games' upcoming Quantum Conundrum. In it, viewers will be able to see three separate dimensions at work (though one only comes in a flash), not counting the completely normal dimension most of the game takes place in.

The fluffy dimension turns things pink, furry and 10 times lighter, while the reverse gravity and slow-down time dimensions do what they're called. Kotaku stated that there's a fourth, currently veiled dimension that will be a part of the game as well. If you watch the gameplay clip above, the fourth dimension seems to be mapped to the left bumper on the controller as it's the only vacant spot.

As I've covered this game, I've noticed people calling it a Portal clone. I've written about that bit of its exposure as well. The fact that Quantum Conundrum is being compared to Portal makes sense; it's part of the unique first-person puzzle genre, and one of the minds behind it was also behind Portal's conception.

Kim Swift, the aforementioned mind involved with both projects, is the female voice you hear in the video above. When Totilo mentions that this is a first person puzzler, Swift basically chuckles and says, "go figure, right?" That tells me that Swift has been hearing the comparisons, too.

The thing that gets me is that, aside from the basic framing, this doesn't look like a Portal clone at all. Portal sparked the mainstream creation of a genre. Quantum Conundrum is following a lot of the same rules for this newly accepted genre. That doesn't make it a clone. I want this game to be great simply because of the unique variety it's bringing to the table, and I hope it isn't hampered by all of the clone name calling.

Quantum Conundrum could very well be its own title worth buying!

This game is due early next year as a downloadable title for Steam, Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Store. If you'd like to see higher quality videos or screens of it now, check out the unveiling and subsequent announcement images and trailer.

[via Kotaku]