If you want to play Quantum Break on the PC, you won’t be doing it on Steam.

Quantum Break was announced for the PC platform last week. That bit of news came alongside a wave of other tidbits from Microsoft and developer Remedy Entertainment.

Now, speaking on Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s podcast, Xbox Games Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg revealed that Quantum Break on PC will be exclusive to the Windows Store. It will not release on Steam, GOG or any other service.

As for the quality of the game itself? Greenberg had huge things to say. DualShockers transcribed that bit for reading ease.

“We’ve been busy launching all our our Holiday titles, so we’ve been kind of quiet on Quantum Break, but we’ve been working very closely with the team at Remedy, and they’re frankly making, I think, another masterpiece. They have a great heritage of making incredible games. I’ll tell you one of my favorite games was Max Payne, I played that to the end. Then there was Max Payne 2, another great title, Alan Wake, just a fantastic, fantastic game. And I think one of the most anticipated title we’re releasing is Quantum Break.”

This store exclusivity makes sense to me. Microsoft wants to roll out a cross-buy feature with Quantum Break. That’d be a lot easier to implement when accounts are linked on the Windows Store, right? My Microsoft account remains the same across platforms. My Steam account? Not way.

What do you think?