It's rather fitting, our own gaming editor Joey Davidson told me, that a studio that struggles to release games in a timely manner is making a game about freezing and manipulating time.

I love Remedy, I love their games and characters, and I'm never anything less than thrilled to see Sam Lake talk and hear his glorious accent. But Joey's not wrong, and we've gotten a bit more evidence of that recently.

Mixed in with a video celebrating Remedy's 20th anniversary was news that the developer's current game, Quantum Break, will be skipping E3 this year. Like last year, the game will instead appear at Gamescom, Europe's biggest gaming expo.

Lake says in the video that the studio will have a theater on the show floor at Gamescom where anyone at the show can "see the new, exclusive Quantum Break demo." It's unclear whether that will be a live demo, but it sounds like it definitely won't be playable yet.

While we'll miss Remedy at the Microsoft show next week, we hope to hear a specific release date and see the game in action when Gamescom rolls around in early August.