When a game comes out, very rarely is it the same game it was during the planning stages. Everything from the tech powering the game to core gameplay mechanics and even star characters can change, pushing the game closer to its new, final direction. Remedy’s Quantum Break, set to hit Xbox One this spring, is no different.

Prototype footage shown by creative director Sam Lake over the weekend shows just how far the game has come. The footage, from various prototypes built around 2012, have the core concepts of time powers, gun combat, and junction moments (those showy time-stopper set pieces), and even the library set has made it over according to Lake.

But over the course of the prototypes, obviously a lot changed visually, and the time powers themselves evolved quite a bit. Lake said that a deal with Microsoft was in place from the start, and that these prototypes helped prove their concept.

To compare, here’s some much more recent footage, from August 2015: