We loved Quantum Break on Xbox One despite a few issues, but the PC version is rife with problems right now. It looks like it might be playable before too long, though.

Remedy’s head of PR, Thomas Puha, took to Twitter yesterday morning with an update on progress:

With the updates in certification, it’s out of Remedy’s hands and into Microsoft’s. Remedy has promised a number of fixes, including:

  • Framerate stuttering
  • Performance problems in Windows 10
  • A quit option on the main menu
  • Crashes
  • Ability to remove film grain
  • Light flare/Blinking lights
  • Locked framerate

It’s not clear if the patch will cover all of these, and it sounds like no amount of patching is going to fix the way the engine renders the game, but at least the game will be, we hope, playable after this patch. The locked framerate is a problem with the Universal Windows Platform, and the fix for that is coming along later. In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates.