Following Microsoft's news that it was shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios, many began wondering of the fate of various projects under its umbrella. One of the biggest of these projects, Quantum Break, is a highlight of the Xbox One's reveal line-up, and many are worried about its fate.

Well relax and worry no more. Microsoft has issued a statement about the TV-show video game hybrid, and not only will it continue development as planned, but more will be ready to see next month.

"The news of Xbox Entertainment Studios has not impacted our progress and we're excited to share more details of Quantum Break at Gamescom in August."

Good to hear. Quantum Break has a lot of people excited with the writers and developers of fan-favorites Alan Wake and Max Payne working on it behind the scenes. Microsoft is shutting down the studio included with a larger series of layoffs that could affect up to 18,000 employees.

Microsoft will keep several key people aboard to complete projects currently in development like Halo: Nightfall and other Halo projects. Of course, that's a franchise Microsoft is not willing to sacrifice, but we'll have to see how big of a hit Quantum Break becomes  if Microsoft wants to continue its mysterious television show/video game ambitions with the project.

Honestly, I nearly forgot about Quantum Break since its been so long since we've seen anything new on it. Strange that it took the closure of its studio for Microsoft to give us an update on it.