Quantum Break, the latest game from Max Payne and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment, is just about a month away. Microsoft held an event this week showcasing a variety of games, with Quantum Break on the list for hands-on play. We weren’t in attendance, but tons of footage has flooded out. IGN has posted about an hour of footage that shows off some of the game’s story, gameplay, and TV show integration.

The first video showcases some dialogue between Shawn Ashford as Jack Joyce and Dominic Monaghan as William Joyce as they try to figure out what’s gone on following an accident with an experimental machine. We see Jack pick up his first time-manipulation abilities and come to grips with them as he chases after his brother. The second has the player stepping into the shoes of the villain, Paul, and deciding how he and his Monarch Corporation will move forward, which determines which live action segment will play out, though the live action content is not shown. The third, finally, shows what happens when the henchmen you’re fighting pick up the same powers as you.

Some of the previews I’ve seen have expressed some boredom with the mechanics, but this sort of thing is Remedy’s bread and butter – third person gun combat with some sort of mechanical twist. From what we’re seeing here, it looks like that’s exactly what we’re getting. The science fiction story is a new direction for the developer, but the dialogue definitely feels like a Remedy game. What remains to be seen is how well the TV segments interact with the gameplay, and that’s going to be hard to tell until we actually sit down and play the game. Even those who have played it have done so at preview events – not exactly the best environment to gauge the weird rhythm Quantum Break is sure to have.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on it and sitting down on the couch to really take it in. If you’re the type to cruise through a game on its hardest difficulty, there’s even a glimpse of that, too.

Quantum Break hits PC and Xbox One on April 5.

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