When Quantum Break released for Xbox One and PC this spring, it initially was a Windows 10-only game, available exclusively through the Windows Store. With Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, it’s been assumed that it would stay this way in perptuity, but that’s all changing next month.

Quantum Break is getting a Steam release – and that means a Windows 7 release – on September 14.

On top of that, this new version is getting a retail release as Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition. Priced at $40, this edition includes premium packaging, five game discs with actual data on them (and a required one-time Steam key), a making-of book & Blu-ray, a soundtrack CD, 2 posters, and a quickstart guide.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said earlier this summer that some of Microsoft’s PC games will ship on Steam again, and this seems to make good on it. No word yet on some of this fall’s other big PC games yet, though.

The Steam release of the game will included “all of the latest updates,” suggesting that its release should be slightly less broken than the Windows 10 release was. We’ll find out on September 14.