The excellent Sam Lake, Writer and Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, took time on Twitter this morning to sit next to a humongous bottle of champagne and announce that Quantum Break has gone gold.

Here’s the tweet and the video.

That’s a lot of champagne for one man.

What does it mean when a game has gone gold? Well, development is finished enough for the publisher to ship the title. Of course, patch work may happen between going gold and release, but the retail build is set and ready to rock.

This is interesting news for Quantum Break because the game is a little further off than most titles when achieving that gold status. Remedy Entertainment clearly made great use of the game’s delays in order to really take their time with the product, and going gold this early means that a lot of crunch time was avoided.

Crunch time, friends, is bad for games.

Quantum Break is set to release for the Xbox One and PC platforms on April 5, 2016.

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