Nobody has figured out the mystery of Remedy’s Quantum Break yet. Is it a TV show? Is it a game? Is it a bit of both? Who knows. All we have to go off of is this four second clip just released by Microsoft giving a brief flash into the game’s combat.

Not surprisingly, Quantum Break will be some kind of third-person shooter. Three brief action scenes show the protagonist assaulting a bridge all by himself, coming closer and closer with each cutaway.

The first has him at a distance into a crowd of what appears to be soldiers on a street, the bridge looming in the background. The second has him clobbering another soldier with the butt of his rifle, and the last has him saving himself from an exploding car by making it hover in the air.

Microsoft has been tight lipped on this one, and it’s not likely we’ll see it any time soon. Let’s all hope that Remedy doesn’t take the long route like it did with Alan Wake, lest it be slapped with the title of vaporware before underwhelming us. It sounds like an ambitious project, so Microsoft is going to want take all the time it can to get it right.

Hopefully, Microsoft will dedicate some of that thought process into designing new box art.

Quantum Break will be released for the Xbox One.