Quantum Break, the newest game from developer Remedy Studios, got a big marketing push from Microsoft in the last few weeks running up to its April 5 release date. That push, according to Microsoft, has paid off, making the TV-infused game the “biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation.”

“We’re delighted that Quantum Break has been so well received by fans and critics,” said Jon Edney, Xbox Studios Senior Category Manager. “It’s a testament to the hard work, ambition, and commitment of the team at Remedy that the game is already surpassing expectations. ”

Let’s break that statement down a bit. Microsoft is shouting about the wrong part of this. They say it’s the best selling “new Microsoft Studios IP this generation,” but that list is pretty short. Like, really short. We’re talking about Ryse: Son of RomeSunset OverdriveOri and the Blind Forest, and some smaller titles. Most of the notable Microsoft Studios releases this generation have been sequels. There’s not a whole lot for it to outperform there. Though we can probably assume from this that Sunset Overdrive won’t be getting a sequel.

Instead, the important takeaway is that the game is doing better than they expected. That’s good for Microsoft and Remedy both and doesn’t hide the statement behind any weird wording. Microsoft has taken to avoiding publishing numbers for its goods sold, so I wouldn’t expect them to tell us how many copies have ended up on Xbox Ones and PCs. Regardless, it speaks well to the relationship between Remedy and Microsoft, and to Remedy’s place as one of the few studios creating single-player, guided narrative games.