Remedy, the developer behind the upcoming Quantum Break, promised news on its long-awaited action game today. The first bit of news has already leaked out.

Alan Wake (as well as its DLC) and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are heading to Xbox One via backward compatibility. If you pre-order Quantum Break, you’ll get both of those for free as part of the pre-order.

If you pre-order via the Xbox One store, the codes will be sent to you via Xbox One message about a week after the game releases, while those who pick up the game from stores should have a copy in the box.

And if you already own both of them? Then they’ll show up in your game list when they’re ready.

Alan Wake took just short of forever to come out, but when it did it quickly became one of my favorite Xbox 360 titles. I ended up playing through it a couple years ago and finding that, for the most part, it holds up pretty well as a game, even if it hasn’t aged visually quite as well. American Nightmare was a significantly smaller game but it showed off the potential for the franchise to work in other formats, even if it didn’t do well enough financially to justify more like it. It also tweaked the formula from the first game nicely, making the already fun combat tight enough to work as an arcade-style survival game in addition to the bit of story we got.

Quantum Break hits Xbox One on April 5, 2016.

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