Qualcomm today announced the third generation of its Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform that aims to make cars smarter. The modular architecture lets car manufacturers design a customized cockpit version that best fits their vision.

The announcement was made at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. It showcases Qualcomm’s AI-focused way to build a vehicle’s platform. Built upon the existing Snapdragon 820A platform, the third generation continues to add more AI-specific features that will push vehicles into the future.

The new platform, coming in three different tiers with Performance, Premiere and Paramount classes, will utilize Qualcomm’s AI Engine, Spectra Image Signal Processor, fourth-gen Kyro Central Processing Unit (CPU), Hexagon processor and sixth-gen Adreno Visual Subsystem. Qualcomm’s AI engine will optimize the AI capabilities of all Snapdragon cores.

All of the processing power will work in conjunction with Qualcomm’s Secure Processing Unit and Vision Enhanced Precise Positioned base camera sensors to crowdsource driving data by monitoring the surrounding areas with cameras. This doesn’t mean the vehicles will be self-driving, but it will create the information necessary to build the AI element of the platform.

“With our 3rd Generation Automotive Cockpit Platforms, we are reiterating our commitment to bring highly differentiated and customizable in-car experiences to our customers,” said Qualcomm senior vice president of product management Nakul Duggal.

Qualcomm announced that the Cockpit Platform is now available to car manufacturers to begin testing.