Now we're getting an idea of who will jump at the opportunity to embrace the next generation of network technology. Qualcomm announced a massive list of companies that have agreed to utilize its X50 modem next year. This is particularly important news because the component unlocks cellular connectivity to 5G networks that are set to begin going live in 2019, possibly earlier if testing goes quicker than expected.

ASUS, HTC, LG, Oppo, Sony, Xiaomi, and ZTE are among the companies planning 5G-ready phones for 2019. The entire list includes nearly twenty companies.

One name missing is Samsung; however, the South Korean giant reached a cross-license agreement with Qualcomm this year so there's no reason to suspect future Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models will be missing 5G connectivity. Samsung often uses Qualcomm's processors in the U.S. and China rather than its own Exynos-branded components.

Mobile operators are giving Qualcomm's latest modem support as well.

Almost twenty companies from the wireless industry have also agreed to test the X50 modem. The names span multiple countries, and in the U.S. all of the major carriers except T-Mobile are on-board. Most testing will take place throughout 2018 with the goal to get 5G networks available to consumers early next year. With this amount of support, Qualcomm shouldn't have any problems being the leader in getting 5G connectivity widespread.

Qualcomm added that its work on 5G will extend beyond phones to always-connected computers, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile broadband.