Qualcomm believes that smart watches will be more valuable to consumers in the future, instead of augmented reality goggles such as Google Glass. Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs explained why during a chat with Pocket-Lint recently.

"Right now we're more focused on things like smart watches – always-on display on your wrist – those kinds of ideas as opposed to Glass," Jacobs said. He explained that he once went skiing with a set of goggles that provided information on his surroundings, but found that the experience was more distracting than helpful. "The stats are that some percentage of people get a headache from them. I think that any consumer product that's giving a high percentage of people a headache is pretty hard to sell. So, a fully immersive Glass is tough."

Jacobs said Qualcomm is still willing to support partners working on augmented reality heads-up displays, but that the firm is focused "on the other stuff" right now instead. We're still excited for Google glass+, though, and think it can add a whole new dimension to the way we interact with the world.

Smart watches are neat, but they won't exactly tell us more about our surroundings and currently exist as an extension of our smartphones.