CES 2015 is set to kick off next week, and today Qualcomm took to Twitter to tease a new device sporting its own Snapdragon 800 processor set to launch at the Las Vegas trade show. The company doesn’t offer any other details on the incoming smartphone, though based on its cropped image we have a few theories for what could be in store.

The device appears to feature at least one rear button, suggesting it could a new phone from LG. It’s possible this could be the G Flex 2, which is rumored to make an appearance at the show. It could also be an unexpected mid-range LG smartphone, which would make sense since the Snapdragon 800 is already a few generations past its prime at this point.

Another possibility is that Qualcomm is talking about the new Asus ZenFone. The Taiwan-based company released a short video earlier this month teasing the upcoming device, which also sports some sort of rear button setup. Earlier this week we thought we saw the upcoming smartphone pass through Bluetooth certification sporting a dual-core Intel processor, though it’s possible that was a different Asus device entirely.

Either way, we’re excited to see what Qualcomm and its mystery partner have planned. We’d love to see a new ZenFone hit the market, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the LG G Flex 2. If we’re lucky maybe both devices will make an appearance next week.