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Earlier this week, Qualcomm admitted that one "large customer" had dropped its Snapdragon 810 chip for an upcoming product, but in a recent interview the company denied experiencing any issue with its latest processor. Speaking to Re/code, Qualcomm finally responded to rumors surrounding the Snapdragon 810.

"I think there is a lot of misinformation out there," said Qualcomm executive vice president Cristiano Amon, adding that the Snapdragon 810 is "performing very well" in its current form.

The new 64-bit processor is set to run in over 60 new products, though Qualcomm still regrets losing that one big customer. There's still no official word on which company decided not to use the chip, though it's widely believed to be Samsung. The South Korean firm is expected to power the upcoming Galaxy S6 with its own Exynos 7420 processor instead.

If there are any issues with the Snapdragon 810, it may have to do with Qualcomm's decision to use a core taken directly from ARM, rather than developing its own, in an effort to save time. However, the company says it plans to design its own core for the upcoming Snapdragon 820, which should arrive later this year.

In the meantime, Qualcomm is clearly doing everything it can to keep other hardware-makers from abandoning its latest chip.