With the launch of the Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet, Nokia is poised to take a bite out of Surface 2 sales this year—that is until Microsoft swallows up the Finnish company's mobile division. For now though, the colorful new tablet could mean serious competition for the Surface 2, at least according to two Qualcomm executives.

Speaking to CNET, Raj Talluri, senior vice president of product management for application processors, claimed the Lumia 2520 is bigger and faster than the Surface 2, adding, "It's really at the next level." Fellow Qualcomm executive Stephen Horton chimed in as well, noting that if Microsoft is "Buying the company that did [the Lumia 2520] device. They clearly are very excited about it."

Microsoft is very invested in turning its own Surface tablets into a success, however, and outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer even stated that the company may discontinue the Lumia series after its deal with Nokia is finalized. That doesn't mean Redmond won't incorporate parts of the Lumia 2520's design into future Surface devices, including the tablet's quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, which packs a bit more punch than the 1.7GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 that Microsoft chose for the Surface 2.