The AvengersSamsung and Qualcomm announced on Monday that the two companies have joined other industry players to form the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). I'll just say it now: A4WP, assemble!

The mission of the alliance is to "promote global standardization of a wireless power transfer technology that offers spatial freedom, to develop product testing, certification and regulatory compliance processes, and to foster industry dialogue with regulators on wireless power policy development."

If such a single specification standardization is adopted by the industry, end-users will eventually be able to enjoy wireless charging in vehicles, at home or on-the-go. The benefits, the A4WP says, includes an easily implemented transmitter and receiver antenna design, a simple control system and the ability to transfer power through non-metallic surfaces. Sounds like your whole home can be one big charging hub.

"A4WP will accelerate the commercialization of this technology and will contribute to expanding its market. As a founding member of A4WP, Samsung is committed to supporting standardization of wireless charging technology boasting spatial freedom, contributing to the eco-system, and exploring possibilities of a variety of services," said Executive Vice President KiHo Kim, head of Digital Media & Communications R&D Center, Samsung Electronics.

The alliance, which will be on-hand at CTIA this week in New Orleans, said it encourages participation from all segments in the technology landscape: mobile, consumer electronics, auto, furniture and retail, just to name a few.

Untethering the charging process? Yes, please. But for this standardization to become a reality, an infrastructure must be deployed. That's where the A4WP comes in.

Right now the A4WP includes Qualcomm, Samsung, Ever Win Industries, Gill Industries, Peiker Acustic, Powermat Technologies and SK Telecom.