With QuakeCon 2016 underway, Bethesda and id Software kept the promise made at E3 2016 to show some Quake Champions gameplay. So, here we have it, the debut gameplay video for Quake Champions. Good gravy, it’s blazing fast.

I grew up playing QuakeDOOM and Unreal. These stupid-fast FPS titles were the stomping grounds of my adolescence. Despite the fact that I’m completely terrible at them when compared to some of the world’s better players, I adore them for their brutality and unforgiving nature.

In the shadow of the DOOM reboot from earlier this year, id appears to have gained some true understanding of what gamers want from the rebirth of their favorites. They can be modernized, sure, but their hallmarks need to remain intact. Based on a single minute of gameplay, Quake Champions appears to have adhered to that philosophy.

Hopefully it’s as good as it seems. The game does not have a release date yet, and the only confirmed platform is PC.