Quake Champions will be free-to-play with a unique set of microtransactions. Free-to-play folks will have access to the Ranger champion permanently. Those who buy the “Champion Pack” will unlock everyone permanently.

Polygon got the word from Creative Director Tim Willits, and he explained that “At its core, it’s a free-to-play gam…

“…with the option to buy the Champion Pack and just get in and play with all the Champions. There are a number of Quake players that just want to play their Quake, right? And they are familiar with the business model of our previous games, and they are totally fine. ‘I want to buy the game. I want to start playing. I want to have access to all the Champions.’

But then we also understand that we want to get as many people into the game as possible, especially outside of North America and Western Europe, where we have a massive fan base. So we want to have the flexibility to have a free-to-play option for those people.”

Free-to-play players can still play other champions

Quake Champions features an in-game currency called “Favor.” You’ll spend Favor to, essentially, buy limited time with other champions, thus giving free-to-play folks the opportunity to try out new meta. It sounds like there’s no real money aspect to the Favor system, either.

Champions will all be different, and I find myself concerned with how this model will work towards establishing meta. Free and Paid players will all play together, which makes me wonder: Will free-to-play folks shift the meta by using the same hero while farming for Favor?

We’ll see.

This PC title doesn’t have a release date yet, so stay tuned.