Angry-Birds-BlackBerryBloomberg reports that 2012 QNX BlackBerry devices will be fortified with Android applications in an attempt to revitalize RIM’s customer base and rescue sales from plummeting to a drastic degree. Apparently, the new QNX software will be Android-compatible, offering over 250,000 applications from the Android Market. That figure towers over BlackBerry App World’s approximate 40,000 application library.

The ability to choose between the cavalcade of applications from the Android Market and BlackBerry App World should bring prodigious appeal to RIM’s QNX phones next year. Although RIM has hinted that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s QNX software will play nicely with Android applications, the company has declined to comment on whether or not its QNX BlackBerry handsets like the rumored Colt will receive the same technology.

The probability is high that QNX BlackBerry phones will accept Android applications, given the vast size of the mobile phone market. In fact, one unnamed source disclosed that the Android applications player found in the new PlayBook is being tweaked to fit smaller screens, which is a significant clue that we can expect to be playing Wordfeud and Alchemy on QNX phones next year.

[Source: Bloomberg]