Phones are becoming bigger, faster and more advanced than ever before, but there’s still one feature we’d love to see more widely adopted: Wireless charging functionality. We’ve seen the technology come to a handful of devices—mostly notably the Nexus 5—but it’s still only available in select handsets, leaving us to have to deal with tangled wireless and wall outlets.

But even devices that do support wireless charging still need to be plugged into a wall, so the technology is still relatively limited. But not anymore.

With the QiStone+, users get a standalone wireless power bank that’s capable of charging your Q-compatible device anywhere. It’s almost like always having a battery case on-hand, except it’s not attached to your device. If you own a device that supports Qi wireless charging, you can essentially charge it anywhere that’s reasonable. Simply put your phone on top of the QiStone+ and you’ll start charging just like that. The QiStone+ also sports a USB port, so you can also charge the traditional way.

The QiStone+ itself is about the size of a deck of cards, and sports a nice stone texture. It has 4000mAh of wireless power, meaning you could charge a handset like the Nexus 5 about one and a half times. 4000mAh isn’t the largest external battery pack around, but for being completely wireless, it’s pretty awesome it even exists in the first place.

If the QiStone+ runs out of battery, you simply place it on a Qi-compatible transmitter for a quick refill (or into a wall socket if one is nearby). So, ok, technically you’ll eventually rely on wires. But if you just need a quick charge at your desk or on the go, all you need to do is place your device right on the QiStone+ and you’ll be running at full capacity in no time.

You can pick up the QiStone+ through Amazon for $79.99.

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