Hey, it's worked for other obscure classic arcade characters, so why not give an HD reboot to Q*Bert? Sony Pictures Entertainment has licensed out the character to Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements, two studio collaborating to bring you Q*Bert Rebooted.

This new package, which will be available on Steam and Mobile devices, will bring back the isometric gameplay of the original arcade hit in the classic 2D pixelated style as well as a new 3D HD overhaul, akin to Jetpac, Pac-Man, and other classic arcade remakes we've seen over the years.

In terms of gameplay differences, the 1982 original had Q*Bert jumping across cubes, but this new reboot will see him jumping across hexagons instead. Mind. Blown!

This is the second time Q*Bert has been attempted to be revived by a gaming publisher. He saw a brief resurgence on the PlayStation in a game back the first time when rebooting classics was all the rage thanks to the success of those awful Frogger games. You know, the ones everyone's grandparents bought them because of "Hey! Video games!"

Q*Bert was not as successful of a relaunch, most likely because the only interesting thing about him is the goofy language he speaks.

Here's to Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements maybe for proving me wrong. The game's simplistic puzzle platforming could very well be a hit on smartphones. Q*Bert Rebooted will launch on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux on July 8th for $5. After that, the studios will focus on iOS and Android before moving onto Kindle Fire and the Nook. I guess it's gatta stick somewhere, right?