Well, we have seen those little overpriced “cell phones” make their way onto airplanes, some airlines provide satellite television, and more and more are offering wireless access for a modest fee. What can be next? Qantas has quietly been testing the iPad on board on a few select flights and has announced they are in the final stages of rolling out the devices on a broader scale across their fleet.  No word has been given on what applications or content may be available.

This makes complete sense as the iPad can be mounted in the back of seats with very little screen-shot-2010-10-19-at-80544-pmmodification and will create another revenue stream for airlines (like they need it). Will this take some pressure off the rest of the traveling public in terms of slower ticket price increases? Maybe, unlikely, probably not. What I do know, is that as air travel becomes less personable and passengers are treated more like cattle than people, the prospective of having a small perk would be a welcome addition to flights.

Due to the fact that my family only has one iPad, yet there are four of us, it lends to the debate over who will get to use the gorgeous piece of technology for the typical 5 hour flight. If this catches on there will be no more negotiations, I will get my iPad and the rest of the family can enjoy their “borrowed” iPads.

How much would you pay to “rent” an iPad and wireless access for your airline travel? What types of applications should be installed on the iPad for in flight use? If iPads were on an airline would you be more apt to fly them? I want to get your opinions.