She Remembered Caterpillars - 1

Developed by Jumpsuit Entertainment, She Remembered Caterpillars is, in a word, bizarre. The game appears to take place on the microbial level, perhaps, and it requires players deal with mixing color, bridging gaps, overcoming barriers and using their noodle to move forward.

And, yes, it scratches that puzzling itch wonderfully.

It starts simply enough, as most puzzlers should. You learn that you need to move colored creatures to white pads at unique points on each level. They can cross bridges of the same color. A red can go over a red bridge, and a blue can go over a blue bridge. Not the other way around. Cool? Well, sometimes you’ll need to mix those creatures. Red and blue make purple. Purple? That creature can cross a red or a blue bridge.

Get the gist? Colors are added. Barriers. Switches. More. Before long, the simple game has layers of complexity working to make it more challenging. It moves from simple to extremely tough in the span of a few hours. And it does that thing that good puzzle games do so well: it provides users an ah-ha moment. Without that click, there’s no reward.

The satisfying click is present and accounted for in She Remembered Caterpillars.

Mix this puzzling mechanic with compelling writing, beautiful art and a great soundtrack, and you’ve got something

There is a story here told in dialogue before levels. It’s a little on the obscure side at first, throwing unfamiliar terms at the player while hiding exactly who’s speaking. It slowly reveals itself over the course of the game, and there are bookends that serve as decent bridges between chapters pushing users to roll on.

The game is a clear winner in the art and music categories, both coming together to give it a murky, dark, mysterious aesthetic that fits the writing and puzzles wonderfully. Here’s the soundtrack on Bandcamp, if you’re interested.

Don’t believe me!? Fine! There’s a flippin’ demo available. If you read TechnoBuffalo often enough, you’ve seen me yammer on about a desire for demos in the modern gaming age. Developers have them built, normally, for pre-release previews, events and sometimes award panels. Release those to the public, yes? You can grab the demo on Steam.

If you like She Remembered Caterpillars, which you probably will if you dig puzzle games, you can buy it for $12.99. At launch, it’ll be 20% cheaper thanks to a temporary discount. Here’s the Steam store page.

Disclaimer: We received a code to check out She Remembered Caterpillars ahead of today’s launch.